Still looking for interesting brands that are high quality and stylish at the same time?

We can recommend some online shops that won’t let you down.

Whatshoes– An international online shop for high-quality boots that last and are comfortable.

Saapavabrik– This shop has a wide range of Samelin boots that are military quality and seriously durable.

Studio absurd– As you can see from the name, the shop is for interesting people looking for unique products.

Ehtevabrik– An online shop offering Estonian and Scandinavian designer items handmade from recycled materials.

Nordicbags– On this page you’ll find a range of bags that are high quality and mostly handmade.

Kaardihoidja– The e-shop is designed for people who don’t want to carry a big wallet and are looking for something stylish and simpler.

Taktikamaailm– If you’re looking for an adventre put you don’t have the right gear for it then you just got lucky!